Delivering a 300% Increase in Sales Conversions With Responsive Website Design

Puricleanse has become the go-to service for mold removal and remediation services in Maryland. Owner Ryan has developed a great reputation for keeping his customer’s homes safe and healthy with regular repeat business and word of mouth recommendations.

The Challenge

While Ryan enjoyed a great reputation amongst his customer’s, his website wasn’t delivering any significant new business. The website hosted an online form which allowed potential clients to request a quotation but this wasn’t very effective and Ryan’s attempts to generate paid traffic from Google ads had been unsuccessful, with a conversion rate below 1%.

Ryan knew he needed some additional expertise to help grow his business, but generating better quality leads requires some real expertise. Some of the companies he had asked to help him with this work had failed to make any impact on the conversion rates.

Our Approach

We started this project with a conversion audit to help us identify new opportunities to increase conversion rates. We also provided Ryan with a detailed 60-minute video which provided a comprehensive review of the website covering design, usability, content and technical problems.

On completion of our initial investigation we delivered a world-class responsive redesign of the website with user-centric information architecture designed to meet the expectations of different types of website visitor. We then introduced an explainer video to explain and promote the benefits of Puricleanse.

From the start we designed in Search Engine Optimization, (SEO), ensuring content, structure and designed would all deliver excellent search results. Page load speed was optimized and a full audit of Google Analytics and Tag Manager allowed us to iron out any bugs. Using competitor analysis and hypothesis testing we were able to test the site rigorously to ensure it would be an effective promotional platform for Puricleanse.

The Results

At the start of the project Ryan was struggling with a very low 0.4% conversion rate from a combination of calls, email enquiries and webform submissions. On completion of the project the website was delivering 10.4% conversions, tripling sales by some 300%.

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