Redesigned Website Delivers Business Gains for a Supply Chain Consultancy

Nigerian supply chain consultancy Harold&Co work with leading multinationals to deliver major projects. A track record of delivering performance improvements and excellent feedback from clients has enabled the firm to develop an enviable reputation.

The Challenge

Owner Harold had relied on word of mouth recommendations and networking to develop his client base, and he had enjoyed some real successes acquiring business from major firms. However, he recognised that having no website was always going to limit his opportunities for growth, and he was sure that he was losing some potential clients who wanted to know more about the firm’s services.

When he approached us, Harold wanted to find a team who could build a user-centric website to promote his services. The website needed to engage visitors and support his organization’s purpose and mission. At our first meeting it was clear that we understood the vision for the site and were proposing an approach that our client really appreciated.

Our Approach

It was essential that we understood Harold’s customers. To achieve this, we talked to Harold about his aspirations for the business. We discussed his goals, ideal target market, current challenges and we asked him about his competitors. We then carried out a detailed competitor analysis and deep level analysis of his company’s niche within and beyond the target market. This included a review of marketing reports, discussions on other sites such as Quora and Reddit and an analysis of competitive SEO activity (such as key queries, visitor numbers and profitability). This approach enabled us to come up with user typologies to inform the website design.

Once we had completed this initial research, we started to sketch out a user-centric website architecture based on the different users we had identified from the initial research. Our overall approach was focussed on delivering a responsive world-class site with SEO and page load speed designed-in from the start of the project.

We created most of the content for the new website, focussing on sales content which would deliver excellent conversions. We added value by using keywords within this copy to support SEO. We created a user-friendly navigation which made it easy for website visitors to find out about Harold&Co and we installed Google Analytics to make it easy to report on the effectiveness of the site. We then created a call to action on the front page to encourage website visitors to get in touch. This was designed to encourage engagement, identifying warm leads and helping deliver conversions.

The Results

We worked with Harold to turn his vision into reality, creating an online shopfront for his business. The website was designed from the start to deliver leads and conversions and, although only recently launched, is already delivering the results Harold needs to grow his business.

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